Phantom Tech Session: v2.1 Early Access

If you're an existing member of the Phantom Community, you may have noticed that we recently announced Phantom v2.1 Early Access (EA) availability. For more information on the release, you can access the release notes as well as the download from the Phantom Community page. We felt it was appropriate to dedicate this week’s Tech Session to giving a deep dive on some of the new features in 2.1 to our community. Joining me this week will be Phantom’s CTO and Co-Founder, Sourabh Satish. While there are many new features in 2.1, Sourabh is going to focus the session on two significant updates on the platform:

What Are You Willing to Automate?

We started a new series on the blog recently, designed to offer experience-based best practices for approaching SOC Automation.  While most understand the value of automation broadly, developing practical use cases is the first step in realizing the benefits of this emerging technology. While the possibilities for automation are nearly endless, many start the journey with … Continue reading What Are You Willing to Automate?


It’s Like LEGO for the SOC

Phantom is the first community-powered Security Automation & Orchestration platform.  It’s not just lip service.  Our focus on the security operations community is evident throughout the platform, from the free community edition, to the open and extensible architecture, to the shareable apps and playbooks.  Phantom provides a free community edition and encourages all community members … Continue reading It’s Like LEGO for the SOC