Tips for Choosing an App in the $10,000 Challenge

When we announced our $10,000 Phantom Playbook & App Contest, we promised hints and updates for those following us @TryPhantom and on our blog.

(If the $10,000 Phantom Playbook & App Contest is news to you, check out this post.  You still have time to join!)

You might recall from the blog that a winning submission will include a Playbook and the required Apps that can be executed by the Phantom Community Edition product with the most impressive combinations taking home the prize money.

Playbooks represent the codification of a security operations (SecOps) plan.  They are Python scripts that Phantom interprets to take action when needed.  Similarly, Apps are also written in Python and used to connect Phantom to third party security products and tools.  Both Playbooks and Apps can be shared across Phantom’s Open Community for Security Automation & Orchestration.

(If you need more information on Playbooks, Apps or both, check out our product page or sign-up for a Phantom Tech Session.  Otherwise, keep reading.)

You already have access to more than 40 Apps in the Phantom App Store which you can find in the portal.  Fortunately, (for contestants anyway) there are still Apps needed in the community.  We decided to share a few hints to help our best contestants get started.

Here is a short list of Phantom Apps to help grow the community and build interesting Playbooks:

  • Archer
  • Bluecoat Proxy
  • Cylance Protect
  • RedOwl
  • StealthWatch
  • FireEye – MAS
  • Checkpoint
  • Remedy
  • McAfee HBSS

We even have a Phantom App Technical Development Guide available in the portal.

Want to claim an App?  Let us know at  This will limit multiple contestants working on the same App, and help to break a tie if needed.

Keep visiting the blog and watching us @TryPhantom for hints and updates during the contest!

CP Morey
VP, Products & Marketing
Phantom Cyber

About Phantom:
Phantom automates enterprise security operations. In the face of problematic trends including the dramatic increase and volume of attacks, severe shortages in qualified personnel, growth in the diversity and complexity of IT security environments and unforgiving consumers, investors and regulators holding management to task for breaches, Phantom arms security operations with the automation and orchestration solutions that ready them to defend their company’s business.  

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