Top 5 Reasons IR Has Worsened in Last Two Years

I recently joined Phantom because I saw the opportunity to affect a trend in the industry that shows no sign of abating: security teams simply can’t keep up anymore.

The telltale signs of this issue are everywhere, including a research project Phantom just finished with the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) where we surveyed IT and cybersecurity professionals with knowledge of or responsibility for incident response processes and technologies at their organizations  (Download the full report).

In one question, we asked participants why Incident Response has become more difficult over the past two years.  While I’m not surprised by the responses, it’s interesting to see that the top five responses are equally challenging, for the most part:

ESG Fig 1

Security teams are deluged in nearly every way possible.  More stuff on the network means more traffic to inspect.  More security products mean more devices to manage and alert traffic to analyze.  More incidents mean more specialized skills needed to address to respond and remediate.

It just isn’t possible to address this challenge without automation & orchestration.  Our adversaries are using it against us, should we use it too?

If you are Interested in seeing how Phantom can help your organization address challenges like those identified in the research project, get the free Phantom Community Edition, and attend one of our Tech Sessions.

Russell Hubby
Region Sales Manager

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