Phantom to Sponsor Hack-a-thon at Black Hat

Security Automation & Orchestration exists to bring existing technologies together.  At Phantom, we think of it as the “connective tissue” making them smarter, faster and stronger.  We also think that an open community approach is the only way to build a Security Automation & Orchestration platform, and we’ve made significant investments to support this in the market.

For example, the Phantom Community Edition is a free version of our full product that offers organizations 100 actions per day to automate and orchestrate their security operations.  Even the architecture of our product is based on ‘openness’ with Phantom Playbooks and Apps written in Python so they can be customized at will and shared via our GitHub repository and App store.  Since January, we’ve had a contest with cash prizes underway to support the development of Playbooks and Apps, and we’ve seen strong interest from the community.

It’s this same commitment to the community that led us to today’s announcement.  We’re proud to pledge our support as the sponsor of the Hack-a-thon contest taking place at Black Hat this summer during the Coding for Security Pros: Black Hat Edition course.


The course will be led by noted security expert, VP & CISO of Optiv, Jonathan Trull, and when he shared his goals for the students, it was clear that our philosophies align.   The chance to partner with Jonathan was an easy decision; an opportunity to once again put our money where our mouth is to help build the community, give people a chance to showcase their skills and advance their efforts in protecting their organizations all at once.

All students registering for the class will be given a Phantom Community Edition license for use before and after Black Hat and during the Hack-a-thon in the class.  As part of the Phantom Community, students will be invited to Tech Sessions to learn more about Phantom and how it uses Python for automation and orchestration.

The Phantom team will be onsite during Black Hat to help with questions and serve on the judges panel for the Hack-a-thon.  We’re also announcing a $2,500 cash prize that will be awarded to one lucky student selected as the winner of the competition.

Be sure to register for the class before May 27th July 23rd to receive Black Hat’s early bird discount regular price.  We look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

CP Morey
VP, Products & Marketing

About Phantom:
Phantom automates and orchestrates key stages of security operations from prevention to triage and resolution; delivering dramatic increases in productivity and effectiveness. Ranging from simple automation to fully autonomous response, Phantom lets you choose the best balance that fits your organization’s needs while increasing security and accelerating security operations. Focused on closing the security gap by enabling enterprise security operations to be smarter, faster and stronger; Phantom provides the flexibility to connect in-house and third-party systems into one consolidated, integrated and extensible platform. Phantom was founded by enterprise security veterans Oliver Friedrichs and Sourabh Satish who have helped propel companies like Symantec, Sourcefire, Cisco and others to success. For more information visit:

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