Winners Announced: $10,000 Phantom App & Playbook Contest

Our strategy to provide the first open community for security automation and orchestration is really taking off.  It’s more than lip service for us.  We like to say, “we’re putting our money where our mouth is to help build the community.”

The $10,000 Phantom App & Playbook Contest is a great example.  It gave community members a chance to showcase their skills and advance their efforts in protecting their organization all at once.

On Friday, we announced the winners of the contest.  I’ll share a quick recap of the winning entries today with more to come.  For example, we’ve invited the winners to share their work on an upcoming Tech Session.

I would like to congratulate not just our winners, but also all those who participated. What a phenomenal contest!  We were truly impressed by the sincere effort that was put in and more importantly the real world uses cases that were solved with your submissions.

We rated the submissions (i.e. Phantom Apps & Playbooks) with a key emphasis on their practical application and the impact they would have on security operations and incident response.  In short, could they help security teams to be faster, smarter and stronger?

We had a 2-way tie for 1st place with each winning entry taking home $4,250.  These contestants showcased not just how the platform can be extended, but how real world security use cases can be handled via automation. The Playbooks showcased complete end-to-end security automation that is already saving IR teams time and resources.

A team entry by Mauricio Velazco and Nelson Santos implemented 4 Apps (i.e. BlueCoat, Duo, FireEye CMS, Cylance) and 2 different playbooks that again automate a complete incident response use case with complex investigative actions, decision making and incident resolution:


Joel King implemented 2 Apps (i.e. Cisco Meraki and F5 Networks) and the Playbook applied the Apps, the platform and automation to solve a real world IR problem:


Ryan Kranz, our 3rd place winner, built a Shodan App that can truly help IR teams better investigate security incidents. The App was production ready and has very good documentation.  Most importantly it lends itself to automation very well because of completeness of results that can be leveraged in the Phantom Playbooks.  Third place finished with a $1,500 prize:


Thanks to everyone who entered the contest!  If you didn’t enter, but still want to join the community, start with the free Phantom Community Edition, and attend one of our Tech Sessions.

CP Morey
VP, Products & Marketing

About Phantom:
Phantom, which was recognized as the most innovative company at the 2016 RSA Conference, automates and orchestrates key stages of security operations from prevention to triage and resolution; delivering dramatic increases in productivity and effectiveness. Ranging from simple automation to fully autonomous response, Phantom lets you choose the best balance that fits your organization’s needs while increasing security and accelerating security operations. Focused on closing the security gap by enabling enterprise security operations to be smarter, faster and stronger; Phantom provides the flexibility to connect in-house and third-party systems into one consolidated, integrated and extensible platform. Phantom was founded by enterprise security veterans Oliver Friedrichs and Sourabh Satish who have helped propel companies like Symantec, Sourcefire, Cisco and others to success. For more information visit:

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