Phantom App & Playbook Challenge – Round 2

Contest Banner Round 2

DEADLINE: Friday December 2, 2016

If one thing sets us apart, it’s our open community approach to Security Automation & Orchestration.  We think it’s the only way to build a platform, and we’re not alone – judging from the support in the community.  Many thanks to all who are contributing!

We’re doing our part to contribute with our free Phantom Community Edition, App Store, GitHub repo for Playbooks, and the new Community Portal, as well as sponsoring events like Coding for Security Pros at Black Hat.

The Phantom App & Playbook Challenge has also been a great way support the community, and we are excited to announce Round 2 of the challenge today!

Much like Round 1 which finished in May, Round 2 of the Phantom App & Playbook Challenge is a great opportunity to help protect your organization, showcase your skills, share with the community, and maybe win a $2,500 prize!

Contest Criteria

Submissions should include a Playbook and the required Apps that can be executed by the Phantom Community Edition product.  In short, we are looking for the most impressive Playbook and App combinations; those exhibiting the most sophisticated and impressive use of the platform.   Both individual & team entries are accepted, and multiple entries are allowed.  All will be judged based on the following weighted criteria:

Phantom App (50% of score)

  • Completeness (e.g. complete structure, code is clean, test connectivity, has proper error handling)
  • Complexity & Variety of Actions (e.g. on_poll, long running actions, etc.)
  • UI (e.g. default vs custom widgets, contextual actions, etc.)
  • Production Ready
  • Documentation (e.g. description, complete datapaths, etc.)

Phantom Playbook (30% of score)

  • Serves a practical / real world impact – an automation scenario that saves time and money
  • Uses a variety of actions (e.g. investigative, containment, etc.) and integrates with multiple technologies
  • Completes IR Process / Trigger to Resolution (e.g. incidents are closed)
  • Follows suggested guidelines for efficiency (e.g. sequential vs parallel actions, debug statements, logging, etc.)

Other (20% of score)

  • Presentation of the finished product / submission (e.g. video demos, blog posts, etc.)
  • Support and guidance required throughout the contest

Contest Process

The contest kicks off on August 4th and runs through December 2, 2016.  Contestants can attend our semi-monthly webinar series, and join the Phantom Community Slack Channel to request support.

  • Register for the Phantom Community Edition (or use your existing Phantom account).
  • Attend an upcoming webinar and watch video tutorials in the Phantom Portal (requires a Phantom Community Edition login).
  • Follow-us @TryPhantom and visit our blog during during the contest period for hints, contest updates, and more.
  • Submit your Playbook and Apps by email to by midnight EDT on December 2, 2016.
  • Contact us on Slack or at for any questions!  We are here to help and are happy to guide you through the process of learning the Phantom platform.

Contest Award

Winners will be announced at the sole discretion of the judges based on the criteria outlined.  A prize of $2,500 will be paid to the winning individual or team.

Contest Judges

Entries will be judged by leaders in security from the media and practice.  We will announce them during the contest.

Contest Terms

All judging, eligibility, and award decisions are final, not subject to review and at the sole discretion of the judges and Phantom. Contestants acknowledge that Phantom reserves the right to (i) fund or award all, some, or none of the responses received, and (ii) determine all award amounts.  The award determination will be made by Phantom with the guidance and recommendations of the judges convened for this purpose, to ensure relevant expertise and diversity of perspectives.

CP Morey
VP, Products & Marketing