Will automation take away all our jobs?

It’s a theme that seems common in TED Talks lately, and one we’ve even covered before on the blog.  Though this particular talk sheds light on an angle which I hadn’t considered before watching David’s talk.

“The number of bank tellers has DOUBLED since the ATM was invented.”


It seems so counterintuitive, until you consider how bank tellers have evolved their role to include other services ultimately becoming more valuable to their employers and teammates along the way.

The same lesson applies to the Security Operations Center.  Automation helps to augment SOC teams, enabling them to keep pace with the volume and velocity of security events they are not able to process otherwise.

Automation allows teams to reduce the clerical workload, focusing more time on the actual analysis of complex security events that require human decision making, versus the mundane, routine events that are ripe for automation.  This aids in employee development since analysts get the opportunity to build new skills, and helps with retention as employees are less likely to leave a job due to monotony or boredom.

Besides the obvious efficiency and accuracy gains, employers also see personnel related improvements resulting from automation.  Though it rarely means a reduction in force, it can slow the rate of growth required to staff the SOC at full capacity.  Most companies are pleased to see this affect as more care can be given to employee recruiting and development at a measured pace.

Finally, similarly to how bank tellers have evolved their craft, security automation leads to completely new jobs like the Tier 4 SOC Engineer or even Automation Engineers responsible for overseeing the Security Automation & Orchestration platform.

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CP Morey
VP, Products & Marketing

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