Announcing the 2016 Inductees to the Phantom Community Hall of Fame

Officially launched in early 2016, the Phantom community has grown tremendously in a relatively short amount of time.  The last year also brought a significant number of contributions from the community with individuals outside of Phantom creating Apps & Playbooks, providing product feedback, participating in Tech Session presentations, and interacting with other community members over Slack. These contributions are instrumental in strengthening the community and helping to shape the new, rapidly growing category of Security Automation and Orchestration.

Grateful for the contributions, we wanted recognize these contributors in a special way. To that end, we’re pleased to announce the Phantom Hall of Fame; our way to show appreciation and spotlight the great work led by a number of individuals.


Without further ado, here are your 2016 Phantom Hall of Fame inductees!

Community Member Affiliation
David Crawford in-2c-14px PingTrip
Marty, Recorded Future Mascot Recorded Future in-2c-14px
Julian Defronzo in-2c-14px ThreatQuotient
Chris Johnson in-2c-14px Vectra Networks
Joel King in-2c-14px World Wide Technology (WWT)
Mauricio Velazco in-2c-14px Blackstone
Nelson Santos in-2c-14px Blackstone
Ryan Kranz in-2c-14px  N/A
Todd Ruch in-2c-14px World Wide Technology (WWT)
Naasief Edross in-2c-14px World Wide Technology (WWT)
Igor Lasic in-2c-14px ReversingLabs
Mark Kendrick in-2c-14px DomainTools
Andrew Hay in-2c-14px DataGravity
Bruce Jiang in-2c-14px Dell

On behalf of the Phantom community, we want to extend a big “Thank You” to these inductees! Their contributions have helped make the Phantom community a thriving success.  There are many members already using the contributed Apps and Playbooks these users created, which realizes our goal of building an open and extensible platform that solves some of the toughest challenges within the Security Operations Center (SOC). As we get into 2017, we look forward to many new community members with more contributions to come.

The Phantom Hall of Fame program will be ongoing, so there will be plenty of opportunity for new contributors to get recognized for 2017 contributions and beyond.  Those interested can get started by joining the Phantom community and our community Slack channel to interact with other members and collaborate on new Apps and Playbooks that cover unexplored use cases.  Additionally, keep an eye out for an announcement giving the details behind the next Phantom Playbook challenge that will offer a cash prize.  Participation in the challenges also offers a path to getting into the Phantom Hall of Fame.

Rob Truesdell
Director, Product Management