Apps Both Deep & Wide

We crossed an important milestone in 2016, finishing the year with just over 100 Phantom Apps, or distinct product integrations.  Today we stand at ~110 with apps supporting nearly every category of security technology including reputation services, endpoint technologies, sandboxes, firewalls, and common mobile, virtual and cloud-based security solutions.

I was recently touting the Phantom Community for the impact they’ve made in creating apps (more than 25% of the available apps were built by the community), when someone raised an interesting question.

It’s great that you lead the market in breadth, but what about depth?

The question first reminded me of a post from last year on App Inflation, and also inspired me to run a few simple stats on the Phantom App population.

Apps go hand-in-hand with another key element called actions.  Actions are what you automate with Phantom – retrieving data for investigative purposes or changing policy on a security device for example.  The Phantom platform supports more than 150 actions.  Actions could be considered a measure of depth.

Most Phantom Apps support 6 – 8 actions allowing SOC teams to investigate, enrich, or even remediate security events.  Actions like Lookup Vulnerability allow you to automate the collection of threat intelligence context for a CVE vulnerability identifier, Link IOC enables you to link IOCs together, and Block IP, as the name would suggest, is an action that blocks an IP address or network.

A few Phantom Apps “punch well above” the average of 6 – 8 actions.  For example, the Floodlight SDN App supports 25 actions!  I won’t list all the actions here.  You can sign in to to see the full list for this app and all others.

Besides being a great place to see the actions supported by an app, also shows Phantom Playbooks associated with an app as well as release notes and links to download the latest version.

Here’s an example for a recently added Phantom App with 14 actions and 15 playbooks:


Naturally the stats will continue to evolve as the community grows, adding more apps and enhancing those already available.

Interested in seeing how Phantom can help your organization or enable you to develop new skills?  Get the free Phantom Community Edition, and attend one of our Tech Sessions to see the platform in action.

CP Morey
VP, Products & Marketing