It’s Like LEGO for the SOC

Phantom is the first community-powered Security Automation & Orchestration platform.  It’s not just lip service.  Our focus on the security operations community is evident throughout the platform, from the free community edition, to the open and extensible architecture, to the shareable apps and playbooks.  Phantom provides a free community edition and encourages all community members to contribute apps and playbooks that extend the platform to address new security use cases.

Phantom Lego SOC.png

The community values this open and extensible architecture.  In fact, earlier this week one of our customers presented at the Enigma Conference, and then wrote a blog post on why they chose to work with Phantom when their security response team began looking for a better way to triage and respond to security alerts.  Check out Uber’s blog post for the full story, and notice how they valued factors like flexibility and extensibility when they surveyed the market for solutions.

Sourabh, Phantom’s CTO, naturally played a big role in designing this open and extensible architecture.  He also coined the phrase that led to our custom commissioned kit.  One day before the holiday (probably fresh off a customer call), Sourabh said, “we’re like LEGO for the SOC; you can assemble our playbooks, apps, and actions to support just about any use case imaginable.”

How can you score one of our custom commissioned Phantom LEGO SOC kits?  Visit us at booth #2523 in the South Expo Hall at RSAC next week.

A casual comment, LEGO shopping during the holiday season, crossing the 100 Phantom Apps milestone, and our pending attendance at the RSA Conference set the wheels in motion.  Only a few lucky RSAC attendees will return home with a Phantom LEGO SOC kit, a slightly larger group can join us Monday night for drinks, and everyone can get the first community-powered Security Automation & Orchestration platform.

CP Morey
VP, Products & Marketing