Phantom Tech Session: v2.1 Early Access

If you’re an existing member of the Phantom Community, you may have noticed that we recently announced Phantom v2.1 Early Access (EA) availability.  For more information on the release, you can access the release notes as well as the download from the Phantom Community page.  

We felt it was appropriate to dedicate this week’s Tech Session to giving a deep dive on some of the new features in 2.1 to our community.  Joining me this week will be Phantom’s CTO and Co-Founder, Sourabh Satish.  While there are many new features in 2.1, Sourabh is going to focus the session on two significant updates on the platform:

  • New Case Management Functionality
  • Enhancements to the Visual Playbook Editor and new Automation APIs

The new case management functionality solves a data aggregation challenge that many of the Phantom users have expressed to us.  The case management solution provides data aggregation for containers, artifacts, and action results. As containers are examined manually through mission control or automatically through playbooks, some containers may require elevated attention and visibility.  The case management function is the tool used for necessary date aggregation and escalation.  Sourabh will cover the expected workflow.

On the Visual Playbook Editor, there are several new enhancements.  Most notably, there are four new options when progressing a playbook in the editor.  The new set of options are as follows:

New Options in the Visual Playbook Editor
  • Execute a playbook
  • Decision block
  • Data filter block
  • Execute an Action
  • Format data
  • Insert Prompt
  • Insert Task
  • Execute Phantom API

Sourabh will cover the usage for each of these options, along with other enhancements to the Visual Playbook Editor.   For more information on the early access release, refer to the release notes.

This will be another exciting session and we hope you can join us.  If you are interested in attending, the registration for the session can be found here: 

Register for Tech Sessions

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the session!

Rob Truesdale
Director, Product Management