Announcing: Monthly Phantom Playbook Jam Sessions

Phantom Playbook Jam Sessions

We are excited to announce another great opportunity to help our growing community automate more security workflows using the Phantom platform.  We are calling these collaborative online sessions Phantom Playbook Jam Sessions.  The format of the sessions are inline with what one might expect from a typical band “jam session.” We want to provide our users with a forum to come together with a Phantom expert and exchange use case ideas that are ripe for automation. Then, we hope to ultimately build out the idea in a playbook during the course of the session. The sessions will be held monthly, with our first Jam occurring on Wednesday, March 8th at 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT.  

The sessions will be lead by one of our in-house Phantom engineers specializing in playbook development.  We will use a conferencing platform to host the session.  With an open format, participants are encouraged to interact with each other, share screens, and ultimately build a playbook.

Each monthly Phantom Playbook Jam Session will have a theme.  The first theme will focus on SOC Triage–specifically how to use Phantom Playbooks to speed up the SOC triage process.  Other themes that will drive subsequent sessions might include: Security Operations (SecOps), Security Engineering, and Incident Response, among others.  Feedback on desired themes are always welcomed.  

For those new to Phantom, as well as those familiar with Phantom, consider this a one-hour consulting window where you can get free advice on playbook development and an automated use case!

Session Details

We will post details on how to join the session to our Phantom community Slack channel. Not a member? Join today!

Robert Truesdell
Director, Product Management