Automate Anything?

SecureWorld Boston is coming up next week (March 22-23) and I’ve just finished reviewing the agenda for sessions that I would like to attend.  When looking at the topics through the lens of automation and orchestration, I always notice so many relevant options—more sessions than I’ll likely have time to attend.

Talks like Designing and Building a Program Based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Trends in Cyber Security Education, and sessions led by Phantom technology partners like Cisco, RSA, and Sumo Logic all relate to security automation and orchestration in varying degrees.

When thinking of these sessions and others through my automation and orchestration lens, I’m reminded of how customers are using the Phantom platform to implement continuous monitoring and management (a key concept of the NIST Framework), address the talent shortage and skills gap in our industry, and automate more than 500 different analyst actions across their organization.

There are no bounds to what users can build with automation, especially with our community-powered approach where Phantom Apps and Playbooks can be developed by anyone and shared across the community.  Users have the option of using community-developed apps and playbooks entirely or using them as a starting point for developing their own.  We’ve seen use cases we’d never have considered on our own—that’s the power of a community where communication and collaboration is encouraged as a way for users to address challenges, share information, and showcase skills.

I hope to see you at SecureWorld Boston, or at the Social Hour event we’re sponsoring with our partner, GuidePoint.  Please join us from 4-7pm on March 22nd at Kings Boston (register).

Russell Hubby
Regional Sales Manager

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