Phantom and the U.S. Government’s Digital Transformation

The focus of next week’s GITEC Summit is described as:

The continued transition and transformation surrounding the development, implementation, management, and use of information technology for mission-critical functions.

Government transformation is also a theme that resonates here at Phantom.  Many are surprised to learn that government transformation was actually the impetus for Phantom.

Before I share that backstory, you should know that the Security Automation and Orchestration (SA&O) concept isn’t new. In fact, Phantom’s Founder and CEO, Oliver Friedrichs, helped develop one of the first examples of SA&O technology in the 1990’s while at McAfee. The product was called Event Orchestrator and was built on a concept McAfee called Adaptive Security.  The concept was covered as far back as 1998 in this Network World article by Stuart McClure.

Security Automation and Orchestration technologies were ahead of their time in the late 90’s and most enterprises weren’t prepared to embrace advanced automation.  Back then the typical large enterprise only had a few security products, most commonly antivirus on the endpoint and a firewall at the network edge.  Most technologies were closed to external systems, with no external interface or API to drive them.  In addition, the notion of an analytics or SIEM platform hadn’t arrived yet, a necessary step and prerequisite for security automation and orchestration. The security industry forgot about this automation and orchestration concept for almost 15 years.  

Fast forward to today and many large organizations have an army of over 50 discrete security technologies, most security technologies are API driven, and all large organizations have a mature analytics or SIEM capability.  That, coupled with a large shortage in security professionals, leaves little option but to automate. Security automation and orchestration had come of age.

Now back to Phantom’s connection to government transformation. Phantom was founded in 2014 after key conversations with members of the National Security Agency’s Information Assurance Directorate.  These conversations led to Phantom’s participation in research that was being sponsored by NSA and DHS at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, a project called Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD).

After developing our technology throughout 2014, Phantom began participation in the IACD project at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in early 2015. Phantom’s involvement in the IACD project led to the development of the Phantom platform and an understanding of the requirements needed to operate within large government and enterprise environments in a secure fashion.  We’re still involved to this day, having participated in the IACD Community Day as recent as last week.

I hope you’ll join us on April 2-4, 2017 at the Westin Annapolis. With underlying cyber and acquisition themes, four track sessions, and engaging keynotes, you don’t want to miss the revolution of solutions transforming government!

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Alfonso Ruiz
Federal Sales Manager

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