Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense Project

Last month on March 23, 2107 the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL) held their most recent Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD) Project Community Day. The event hosted 136 unique organizations across a variety of industries. It featured an IACD Overview, an IACD Framework Brief, and an Implementation Findings Brief presented by the JHU/APL IACD team, along with presentations by organizations like Phantom that are supportive of the IACD Framework.

Phantom has been involved with the IACD project since its early days and continues to play an important role in IACD research. The project supports concepts also core to Phantom, like:

  • Bring Your Own Enterprise (BYOE) — You should be able to make the most of whatever security infrastructure you already own. You shouldn’t have to rip and replace security technologies in order to benefit.
  • Product Agnostic Plug-and-Play Architecture — You should be able to easily incorporate new technology from any vendor. You shouldn’t have to re-design your security architecture in order to incorporate new technology.
  • Interoperability — Technologies should support the playbooks, workflows, and other Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that you currently use and provide for interoperability between solutions.

The goals of the IACD project are also just as pragmatic as its key project concepts. They are to:

  • Integrate across multiple, disparate sources of information
  • Automate the determination of risk and the decision to act
  • Synchronize those machine actions to align with an organization’s business rules and operational priorities, as captured in playbooks
  • Inform communities of trust via secure automated information exchange so that other IACD-capable partners can rapidly act on that information

We invite you to learn more about the great work the team at JHU/APL is doing with the IACD project.

Visit their project website to learn more and view content from the last Community Day session.

Chris Simmons
Director, Product Marketing