The Future of Security Automation & Orchestration

Forrester Research recently published their Breakout Vendors report on Security Automation And Orchestration (SA&O / SAO).  The report includes a short setup and then an assessment of vendors across five criteria:

  • Offering,
  • Scenarios,
  • Maturity,
  • Challenges,
  • and Roadmap.

Join Phantom CEO, Oliver Friedrichs, and Forrester Analyst, Joseph Blankenship, for an exclusive look at the report, first-hand accounts of successful deployments, and their insights on what trends will shape the future of this emerging technology.

Naturally, we plan to help shape the future of SA&O (SAO) through investments in the Phantom platform. Our publicly-stated plans include maturing the platform’s intelligence capabilities that will help educate and guide analysts.  We believe that a few SA&O (SAO) solutions are well suited to handle well known security threats today, but in the future SA&O platforms must go one step future and assist analysts with incidents that currently lack procedures.

It’s a concept that our CEO Oliver spoke about recently during his interview with ActiveCyber and one that he will cover during the webinar.  I hope you’ll join us on June 22nd to learn more about the future of security automation and orchestration.

CP Morey
VP, Marketing & Products

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