Tech Session: Hear From a Community App Developer

In Security Automation & Orchestration (SA&O), connectors to different technologies that already exist in customer environments are critical to the success of a SA&O platform deployment. When talking to customers and partners, I often find myself saying, “An orchestration platform is useless if it doesn’t orchestrate across all necessary technologies.” That is why connectors are so important to us here at Phantom. On the Phantom platform, connectors that integrate different point security technologies are implemented as Phantom Apps. The Phantom SA&O platform is exceptional in that the architecture makes it very easy to develop new apps or customize existing apps. Key metrics and indicators that illustrate the platform’s extensibility include:

  1. Phantom has more apps (connectors) than any other orchestration vendor
  2. Roughly 30% of Phantom Apps have been contributed by community users and partners

Our broad app development ecosystem and high-pace turn out is credited to the flexible app architecture of the Phantom Platform. To develop a Phantom App, you don’t need to understand the inner-workings of the Phantom Platform. A small number of simple APIs are exposed for the purpose of integrating apps. This allows the app author to focus on the actions and APIs from the security tool that should be incorporated in the App, and drastically simplifies the app development process. Taking this approach empowers more community users and partners to develop the apps that they need quickly and easily. Our open app development model is also echoed in our open approach to community. Through the Phantom Community, we give users and partners a vehicle to contribute their app and share it with other community members. While this blog post is focused on Phantom Apps, it is also worth noting that this community-based approach is applied to Phantom Playbooks as well.

To help showcase the power of the Phantom App architecture, we are fortunate enough to have one of our community contributors, Ian Forest of Avantgarde Partners, as a special guest on tomorrow’s Bi-Weekly Tech Session. Ian will take us through his approach to app development and share some of his suggested best practices. He is one of the leading app contributors in our community and brings with him significant real-world experience in Phantom App development. This session is unique in that our attendees can hear about the app development process from the perspective of a community member, which should certainly be insightful to those interested in app development.

Registration for the session today:

We hope you can attend to learn more from Ian about app development and the Phantom App architecture. It will be an exciting session, don’t miss it!

Robert Truesdell
Director, Product Management