Announcing the Phantom Community Contributor of the Month for June 2017

This month we would like to congratulate Mhike Funderburk in-2c-14px with USAA in-2c-14px as the Phantom Community Contributor of the Month for June 2017.  Mhike has contributed valuable product feedback and feature requests that have significantly helped influence improvements across the Phantom Platform, starting with version 1.x and continuing up until today.

The Phantom team and community deeply appreciate product feedback, as well as all other types of community contributions.  In fact, community participation is one thing that makes the Phantom Community strong and useful to other members.  We encourage all community members to share Phantom Apps and Playbooks with one another, as well as provide feedback and feature requests to the Phantom team whenever possible.  

To commemorate Mhike’s Phantom Contributor of the Month award, he’ll receive a piece of limited-edition Phantom swag!


The Phantom Community continues to be very active! We consistently grow in community members each day, with activity in our Phantom Community Slack channel growing in sync. We’ve also had lots of great App and Playbook contributions from our community members. To continue with our history of recognizing leading community contributors, like the HOF announcement for 2016, we are running this parallel recognition program known as the Phantom Contributor of the Month. You can view last the recognized contributor from last month here. The recognition is a way to spotlight someone in the community who went above and beyond by dedicating his/her time to make significant contributions for the benefit of others.

Contributions include technical content such as Phantom Apps and Playbooks for the community to share, but also contribution in the form of sharing domain expertise by responding to questions and participating in group discussions. Though sometimes overlooked in other community settings, helping others to find success is a key concept of the Phantom Community. Public Q&A and access to domain experts through the use of the Phantom Community Slack channel is critical to information exchange and making the community useful for everyone.

Congratulations again to Mhike for winning the Phantom Contributor of the Month award for June 2017! The Phantom Community appreciates all that you have contributed.

We encourage all members to contribute to the community to make a better experience for everyone involved. Contributions in the form of Phantom Apps and Playbooks, product feature requests and feedback, as well as responses and discussion in the Slack community channel all make the community a better place.

Rob Truesdell
Director, Product Management