Announcing Phantom 3.0: Improved Efficiency and Collaboration, Fully-Integrated Case Management, Mission Guidance™, and More!

Team Phantom is excited to announce that version 3.0 of the Phantom Platform is now Generally Available (GA)!  

This release significantly improves an analyst’s experience with the platform, while also helping to improve key Security Operations Center (SOC) metrics like Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR). With hundreds of enhancements and upgrades, you’ll notice improvements that span every area of the platform. Huge thanks go out to the Phantom Community and our customers, who inspired the largest percentage of the enhancements you will find in 3.0.

Below are just some of the great new things you’ll find in Phantom 3.0.

Phantom Mission Control™ Alert Management

Mission Control improves analyst efficiency and collaboration by integrating event data and SOC tools together into one consolidated view. A part of the Phantom Platform’s alert management capability, Mission Control enables an analyst to efficiently understand, investigate, decide, and act on an event. It also provides team collaboration capabilities that are integrated inline with automation details and other data, forming a record of all relevant event information. The interface includes access to all event activity history, contextual and interactive data views, a digital vault for attachments, as well as fully-integrated automation and case management controls. Mission Control was designed to enable you to quickly pivot around event data, eliminating constant switching between different screens and tools.
Learn more about Mission Control:

Fully-Integrated Case Management

Case Management is now fully integrated into Mission Control, allowing you to easily promote a verified event to a case. It also allows continued access to all tools, features, and data available in Mission Control. Case Management extends Mission Control by adding case tasks that map to your defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Moreover, Case Management has full access to the Phantom Automation Engine, allowing you to launch actions and playbooks as part of a task.
Learn more about Case Management:

Phantom Mission Guidance™ Recommendations

Mission Guidance is an intelligent assistant that’s fully integrated into Mission Control. It supports security operations analysts by offering suggestions to help investigate, contain, eradicate, and recover from a security event. It works by mapping security event data to your currently configured SOC tools and playbooks. Mission Guidance recommendations help educate newer analysts on steps to take and validate the choices of more experienced analysts.
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Other Enterprise-Grade Enhancements

  • Improved Analyst Queue Management
    • New enhancements to the analyst work queue
  • Platform Administration
    • Usability improvements and more granular configuration options across multiple platform capabilities
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Granular RBAC on assets and actions
  • Authentication Enhancements
    • Group-based LDAP, SAML2, and OpenID integrations
  • Auditing Capabilities
    • New configuration options and capabilities for full-system audit trails
  • App Development Wizard
    • New capability that facilitates creating custom apps to support your unique environment
  • Enterprise Deployment Enhancements
    • RPM-based installation
    • Distributed database support
    • Data backup and restore
    • High availability (warm standby)

Learn More

Register and view Phantom Tech Sessions where Phantom CTO and Co-Founder, Sourabh Satish, demonstrates all of the new/updated features and benefits of the Phantom 3.0 Platform.

Catch our quarterly Phantom in Focus session on Friday, September 08, 2017. Phantom CEO and Co-Founder Oliver Friedrichs will provide additional updates on the Phantom 3.0 release, as well as his insights and perspectives on the security automation and orchestration market.

Download Phantom 3.0 Today

Whether you’re looking to update your current installation or gain access to the free Phantom Community Edition, you can download the new release from our community site, (registration required).

Have fun automating!
Team Phantom