Announcing the Phantom Community Contributor of the Month for October 2017

This month we would like to congratulate Robert Martin in-2c-14px with Aetna in-2c-14px as the Phantom Community Contributor of the Month for October 2017.  Robert has been an active member of the community for some time. Two notable contributions by Robert include the URL Expander Phantom App he authored and our October 20 Tech Session where Robert was the guest speaker.

Community participation is one thing that makes the Phantom Community strong and useful to all members.  We encourage all community members to share apps, playbooks, and knowledge with one another, as well as provide feedback and feature requests to the Phantom team.  

To commemorate Robert’s Phantom Contributor of the Month award, he’ll receive a piece of limited-edition Phantom swag!


Items that influence our Contributor of the Month selection include technical content such as Phantom Apps and Playbooks for the community to share, but also contributions in the form of sharing domain expertise by responding to questions and participating in group discussions. Though sometimes overlooked in other community settings, helping others to find success is a key concept of the Phantom Community. Public Q&A and access to domain experts through the use of the Phantom Community Slack channel is critical to information exchange and making the community useful for everyone.

Congratulations again to Robert for winning the Phantom Contributor of the Month award for October 2017! The Phantom Community appreciates your contributions.

If you’re not already a member of the Phantom Community, we invite you to join today! You could be recognized as a future Phantom Community Contributor of the Month, just like Robert!

Registration is free and provides you with access to the free Phantom Community Edition:

Rob Truesdell
Sr. Director, Product Management