What Does Audio Production Have in Common With Security?

Automation has become so relevant to the mainstream; in our cars, our homes, and even our music. Allow me to digress a bit. The DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is a mainstay in modern music production. In short, it’s HW or SW that musicians use to record, edit, and produce audio. If you’ve used tools like GarageBand, then you’ve experienced music production capabilities like that of a DAW.

My Journey to Security Automation & Orchestration

I’ve been involved in information technology and the information security space for over twenty years and have seen an industry that’s been constantly trying to solve common IT security threats with a plethora of software and hardware tools. In the early days, antivirus appeared to be the right solution to the problem. As the sophistication of attacks … Continue reading My Journey to Security Automation & Orchestration

Your future salary might depend on how well you work with machines

TED Talks have been the inspiration for several posts.  There is likely a correlation between the time spent on airplanes and TED Talk references on the blog. In his talk titled, “How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution,” Kevin Kelly introduces several concepts germane to security automation. One claim Kevin made that really … Continue reading Your future salary might depend on how well you work with machines