Announcing the Phantom Community Contributor of the Month for April 2017

This month we would like to congratulate Richard Schmidt  as the Phantom Community Contributor of the Month for April 2017. Richard is an individual contributor who has spent a significant amount of time providing in-depth product feedback and feature requests. His feedback spans the areas of Mission Control, Visual Playbook Editor, as well as the … Continue reading Announcing the Phantom Community Contributor of the Month for April 2017

What’s Your Automation ROI?

We all know that one of the key benefits to automation is increased efficiency—you get more done with fewer resources and in a shorter amount of time. Another way to increase your efficiency is by having native abilities to track, measure, calculate, and report the benefits of the automation tool. Often times with automation, we trust the work was done but it can be hard to verify or quantify the returns. ROI analysis, if performed at all, is done manually through log analysis and complex spreadsheets. We want to take the lead in quantifying returns and help you easily understand the time savings, dollar savings, and true resource expansion associated with security automation and orchestration. After all, automation is awesome, but there is an added level of satisfaction when you know, with certainty, the technical and business impact that the solution is providing.

Announcing the First Phantom Community Contributor of the Month!

The Phantom Community has been very active in 2017!  We consistently grow in community members each day, with activity in our Phantom Community Slack channel growing in sync. We’ve also had lots of great App and Playbook contributions from our community members.  To continue with our history of recognizing leading community contributors, like the HOF … Continue reading Announcing the First Phantom Community Contributor of the Month!

Announcing Phantom 2.1 General Availability

Team Phantom is excited to announce the General Availability of our latest Phantom platform release, version 2.1!   Here is a sample of what you'll find. Updated Dashboard Metrics and Executive Reporting The main dashboard of the Phantom platform has been re-imagined and now includes more automation and usage metrics. From the platform dashboard, you … Continue reading Announcing Phantom 2.1 General Availability

Phantom Tech Session: v2.1 Early Access

If you're an existing member of the Phantom Community, you may have noticed that we recently announced Phantom v2.1 Early Access (EA) availability.  For more information on the release, you can access the release notes as well as the download from the Phantom Community page.   We felt it was appropriate to dedicate this week’s Tech Session to … Continue reading Phantom Tech Session: v2.1 Early Access