Phantom App & Playbook Challenge – Round 2

If one thing sets us apart, it’s our open community approach to Security Automation & Orchestration. We think it’s the only way to build a platform, and we’re not alone – judging from the support in the community. Many thanks to all who are contributing! We’re doing our part to contribute with our free Phantom Community Edition, App Store, GitHub repo for Playbooks, and the new Community Portal, as well as sponsoring events like Coding for Security Pros at Black Hat. The Phantom App & Playbook Challenge has also been a great way support the community, and we are excited to announce Round 2 of the challenge today! Much like Round 1 which finished in May, Round 2 of the Phantom App & Playbook Challenge is a great opportunity to help protect your organization, showcase your skills, share with the community, and maybe win a $2,500 prize!