Phantom and the U.S. Government’s Digital Transformation

The focus of next week’s GITEC Summit is described as: The continued transition and transformation surrounding the development, implementation, management, and use of information technology for mission-critical functions. Government transformation is also a theme that resonates here at Phantom.  Many are surprised to learn that government transformation was actually the impetus for Phantom. Before I … Continue reading Phantom and the U.S. Government’s Digital Transformation

What Does Audio Production Have in Common With Security?

Automation has become so relevant to the mainstream; in our cars, our homes, and even our music. Allow me to digress a bit. The DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is a mainstay in modern music production. In short, it’s HW or SW that musicians use to record, edit, and produce audio. If you’ve used tools like GarageBand, then you’ve experienced music production capabilities like that of a DAW.