Preventing Threat Intelligence Overload

Security professionals generally agree that the demand for threat intelligence is growing. With the ability to focus security teams and tools on the most relevant and high-risk threats, the context and tailored priority that threat intelligence feeds provide are undisputed benefits. While it sounds like a win/win situation—the threat intel comes in, it’s applied, and … Continue reading Preventing Threat Intelligence Overload

Automation with Palo Alto Networks and Phantom

Palo Alto Networks and Phantom combine best-in-class protection with best-in-class security automation and orchestration, offering increased advanced threat visibility and protection that is fully synchronized across the security environment. Palo Alto Networks can be quickly integrated with the Phantom platform using Phantom Apps for AutoFocus threat intelligence, PA Series network firewalls, Panorama centralized management, and … Continue reading Automation with Palo Alto Networks and Phantom